Nordijski center Planica - Biro Stvar

Uporabljamo piškotke.



Service Buildings

The service buildings Čaplja and Kavka are placed in parallel with the contour lines at the edge of the valley shoulder with the slope. This type of placement allows flexible use of the central valley area and leaves the views of the glacial valley as unobstructed as possible.
The architectural design of service buildings is reserved, bipartite with discreet architectural floating roof, which follows the incline of the terrain. Design is based on repetitive contrasts between hard and soft, permanent and temporary, cold and warm and public and private.


Service Building Čaplja

The building Čaplja is the main service building with vital rooms for the requirements of the operation of the ski jumping section of the Nordic Centre Planica. The building consists of two floors, a partially underground base, wooden pavilion and single pitch roof.

The base of the building is divided into two parts with the lower cable car station. The building south of the cable car is for all service areas, which ski jumpers need for quality training and recuperation. The building north of the cable car is for garaging snow cats and other technical machinery.

Various service contents of the building are interconnected via the base with the multi-purpose plateau, which descends over the stands to the landing strip of the Bloudek Giant and the landing strip of children’s ski jumps and together with the surrounding terrain towards the hills form the greater event arena.

A wooden pavilion is set on a part of the plateau south of the chair-lift. In addition to the central multi-purpose area of the pavilion, which opens the view to the majestic surrounding natural backdrop, the building also hosts the administrative offices of the centre.

A single pitch roof has been laid over the pavilion, the lower cable car station, the bottom station of the inclined lift and the event plateau, which with its floating shape stands for the design leitmotif for all service and Warm-up building of the ski jumping section of the Nordic Centre Planica.

The architectural image of the building follows the programme structure. The lower, service part with its technically shaped expression flirts with metal and concrete elements of the cable car and ski jumping infrastructure nearby, whereas the wooden pavilion with the choice of larch façade alludes to the architectural expression of the alpine architectural heritage.



Base lower floor

Base upper floor

Ground floor

First floor

Profile B1-B1, south facade

Profile E-E


Service Building Kavka

The building Kavka is intended for use by maintenance personnel, competition organisers and sports teams during training.

From the perspective of preserving the collective memory the new building was built on the foundations of the “old Kavka”, which in its new form represents the nucleus of the new construction.

In concept the building, as well as other buildings at the valley shoulder with the slope, is built from a solid semi-buried base, on top of which a construction body is placed, covered with single pitch roof with a ridge along the slope.

The lower part of the building is intended for simple access to service and technical areas and the upper two-floor part for the day centre for sport teams in the preparatory stage, as well as administration.

“The Old Kavka” in its new design is a lounge area with a fire place and rooms around it intended for preparation and consumption of food and daily rest of athletes during training season. The new, bright and airy rooms open to the outside plateau, which on the south side over the stands descends towards the landing strip of the Gorišek Brother Flying Hill

The architectural expression of the building, the same as for the Čaplja building, comes from the programme design of the building. The base of the building together with retaining walls comes together in an extended concrete element, which is on the upper side in the entire length concluded with a bench. The upper body of the building is designed more intimately in combination of wooden façade coating and panoramic glazing.


Planned situation

Base groud plan

Ground floor

First floor

Profile A-A

Profile E-E

Profile D-D